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5 Top Ingredients of Content Writing

5 Top Ingredients of Content Writing

Crafting quality Content Writing is a choice for most businesses. The necessary amount of time, along with effort, can be put into developing quality content, and you are well on your way to developing a prosperous brand. An easy option exists where you write poor content, but it will not take you anywhere.

The road ahead for content marketers is clear. As part of quality SEO strategies, quality content is a must to drive traffic to your website. Writing original content will provide more exposure to your website. An example is Google does not like duplicate content and penalizes websites indulging in the same. Putting things in another way, Google is keen to rank websites higher that provide original content. Quality content will make the website a better place; it has a telling impact on website rankings. This ends up having a positive impact on your business. Whatever be the reason for writing content, be it for business or your blog, quality is the key.

Let us understand some popular ingredients of content writing.

Original content is the key.

Original content has a telling effect on Google and visitors to your website. If you copy the content of other people, Google is bound to punish you. Are you looking for proof?

Once upon a time, we came across Ezine articles ranked among the top pages of Google, but it is no longer the case, and it is in no way an accident. According to the latest update of the Google algorithm, it prevents bad content from being ranked highly.

Originality means your ideas have to be original. Rephrasing the contents in your own words present on a website cannot be termed as the original. If the content is play out, no one will establish a link to your website. This is a thought that most website owners are seriously thinking about. A suggestion is that there arises a need to develop such content. This is done easily and cheaply.

The focus has to be building strong headlines:

An interesting headline ignites the interest of the readers.

Some interesting statistics back up the points as 80 % of the people interest in the headlines, and only 20 % go ahead. Hence a headline is as important as the content itself.

Research and spend quality time with your headlines. If possible, check out a few of them and understand which works the best. They are what people read first and make a decision on whether to go ahead.

Creation of thought-provoking and engaging content:

An audience who is engage would be glued to every word and absorbs what you need to convey. Moreover, the only way to develop an engaging audience is to develop interactive content. The process begins with what you intend to write, and here are a few tips to make your task easier.

  • A promising and important introduction is a must- has the thought ever struck you on how people make judgements about blog posts quickly. They decide whether to read a blog post after going through a few sentences. Discuss with your users what they care about and figure out whether the post is worth reading or not. The objective is to create a desire in them to read it.

If you end up providing content that generates a flurry of comments, the search engine is bound to take notice. They would be aware that the website is updating its content regularly. It is a great way to ensure that the search engines come back to your website regularly.

Accuracy in terms of reporting and sharing information:

Think of an article or blog post that you have written for a company. Thousands of people would have read it only to find that the information was inaccurate. The use of such SEO strategies has a bad reputation on the business. Take note of the fact that these write-ups are a reflection of the reputation of your company. If any issues arise with them, people tend to perceive your company on the same lines.

Any statistics that you use need to be verified. It is better to provide links to the original source, and accuracy would develop trust with the readers. Below is mention a few tips enabling you to deal with accuracy.

  • Figure out with whom you are linking- is the source a trusted and an authentic one? If you link up with reliable websites, more readers will be part of your website.
  • Establishing a link with quality content is of help- the more you can substantiate and verify what you are writing about, the content will emerge from a trusted source.
  • Render help the search engines- if you establish links to other websites or the content, it will help the search engines out. They gain insights on what your content is all about and how it is possible to categorize.

Content should be able to provide answers:

What is the purpose of a search engine? Most people would suggest that it is about delivering a set of answers, and Google is an expert in this. A mere type in Google on a topic would present you with information and videos. When you are using a search engine, what you want is an answer, and the responsibility lies with the search engine in providing an answer to the question.

The same logic is applicable when people are watching a video or reading a blog post. For

gaining knowledge, they are looking for an answer. It is not that people are looking for answers; they want answers rather quickly. An example is reading the title or a subtitle of a fiction book, as it leaves people with a sense of curiosity. The onus lies in the author providing authentic and reliable information.

To conclude, do not consider a blog post or an article on a content website lightly. The task is not easy as proper research is vital for formulating quality content. A good title, proper grammar, and organizing the content are important.

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